Baucham Leads Family Driven Faith Conference In Wichita

By Bev Jackson

June 2007

At the March, 2007 Family Driven Faith (FDF) conference hosted at Country Acres Baptist Church, Wichita, Ks., Dr. Voddie Baucham challenged a multigenerational (parents, kids, grandparents, caregivers, etc) group of over 200 to consider the biblical model for raising biblically based children.

That model is founded upon the centrality of the family in the training up of a child. We were reminded that gradually we have been relegating our responsibilities of spiritual nurture to the church, Sunday School teacher, and to youth ministers. None of these have the biblical responsibility to train our children. The primary responsibility lies with the father as the head of household.

Baucham quickly acknowledges the fact that we have a high number of single parent households in our church families. He charged the church with coming along side those families and providing the mentoring and nurturing that is missing.

Baucham told the fathers that the corporate ladder is a high risk activity, endangering their families. We find biblical references that the man is to be the leader of the family. One would be hard pressed to find a biblical reference that he is to become the leader in the corporate world.

According to Baucham Discipleship consists of three phases.

1) Obedience and Training.  Children should be taught to obey. An unruly child cannot be trained. Deuteronomy 6:4 speaks of where and how often we are to train on God’s word and principles. Are we teaching our children to “hide God’s word in your heart?” Are WE hiding God’s word in OUR hearts as an example to them?

2) Learning to believe like Christians: We are to teach our children biblical principles.

3) The discipleship process of walking and talking side by side with our children. We need to utilize life situations to emphasize biblical principles and responses. We have to spend time with our children to accomplish the steps of discipleship. We live out our faith in front of our children and observe where theirs needs training.

Baucham encouraged parents to discipline their children. Discipline should be administered for blatant disobedience. Discipline that is ignored or delayed causes hardness in the child’s heart. Immediate discipline associates pain or discomfort of some level with that action. Bad attitudes melt into true repentance. True repentance results in changed behavior. Being “sorry” for what we have done (for being caught) is not repentance.
Baucham recommends a strategy of apology for the offense. Confess what was done (along with what biblical principle was violated). Ask for forgiveness; followed by giving of forgiveness on the parent’s part. The purpose of discipline is not to engage in the power game, but to correct misguided behavior to be on course with God.

For those who would like to find more of Baucham’s family-based emphasis, look on the web at “Education is the Lost Key to Discipleship” at

Dr. Baucham’s latest book, will be released soon. It is entitled Family Driven Faith: Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God.

Dr. Baucham is pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church at Spring, Texas. The church’s model for ministry is multigenerational, removing the age graded segregation in the church. Southern Seminary has just recently re-designed their Leadership and Church Ministry tract on a similar model. “In recent years churches have fragmented families by segregating them according to gender, age or other categories, Stinson said. Southern Seminary hopes to change that by teaching future leaders how to integrate local church ministries in a way that builds healthier families and churches.”

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