Children’s Ministry Day 2012

By Cheryl VanBebber

January 2012

Children’s Ministry Day is almost here! Saturday February 18, 2012 is the day.  The theme is Operation Education. Kids and families nationwide will be involved in ministry projects in their local communities. Now is the time to plan, promote, pray, and teach kids about Operation Education.  This year’s bible verse is found in 2 Timothy 2:15 “Do your best to please God. Be a worker who doesn’t need to be ashamed. Teach the message of truth correctly.”

Ways kids can pray for CMD are: Hallway Praying: while walking the halls of their school. Playground Praying: during recess, pray silently for their friends and other students. Classroom Praying: before class starts pray silently for your teachers and school. Then on the Sunday before CMD invite everyone in your Church to spend time in prayer for the project your church will be involved in.

Here are a few project ideas for you to think about:
•Serve a school.  Clean or decorate a local school.  Contact the school Administrator and find out some things you can do on the grounds or in the building. Decorate sidewalks with positive messages that students and teachers can read as they enter and leave school. Arrange to do some light gardening on the school grounds or pick up trash.  Clean desks, classroom toys in younger grades, and playground equipment.
•After–School Program Donation Project, or a child care facility collection. Make a list of items they might need and get people in your church to help meet those needs.
•Lunch and Laundry for a college student. Find out who your college students are around your area and provide lunch for them and pass out a laundry kit. Have donated items collected from your church and pass them out to college students after the lunch.

These are just a few projects to get you started on what your church might do for Children’s Ministry Day. This day is set aside every year so children can learn to share God’s love with others by ministering through hands-on projects. Impact your community and the life of just one person for God’s kingdom.  Be involved; win one or more for our Lord.

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