Something New For Bible Drill…

By Delores Hanneman

October 2011

The beginning of the school year is a good time to implement a scripture memorization program for our children and youth.  Children’s and Youth Bible Drills have been around for many years and are an excellent tool for getting children and youth familiar with and grounded in the Word of God.  Children’s Bible Drill is for children in grades 4-6 and Youth Bible Drill is for youth in grades 7-12.  This year, because a number of churches asked for it, something new has been added—Younger Children’s Bible Drill for children in grades 1-3.

The Younger Children’s Bible Drill is very similar to Children’s Bible Drill but on a simpler level.  Instead of twenty-five scriptures to learn, younger children have sixteen shorter verses to learn.  Although they will be working on learning all the books of the Bible, they will only be drilled on twenty-five books marked in red on the memory cards.  Instead of ten key passages, they will have eight Bible stories to which they will learn the reference.  Actual drilling will be the same, except they will be given twelve seconds instead of ten for older children and eight for youth in which to respond.

Several years ago KNCSB expanded Youth Bible Drill from grades 7-9 to grades 7-12.  Three new cycles have been added and this will be the first year to use Cycle 4.  In addition to finding any book or scripture in the Bible, the youth have ten identifying verses to be able to recognize from any phrase in the verse, ten doctrinal verses supporting one of the doctrines in our Baptist Faith and Message and ten Bible answers verses that answer a key question listed on the memory card.

For youth in grades 9-12 interested in speaking, Speaker’s Tournament is available.  Guidelines and a topic bookmark for this year’s 4-6 minute inspirational or informative speeches are available upon request.  A student may not compete in both the Speaker Tournament and Bible Drill.

Bible Drill is an inexpensive, but effective way, to prepare our young people for life.  To add incentive to the learning process, qualifying children and youth may compete at the church, association and state levels.  The next State Bible Drill/Speaker’s Tournament will be held Saturday, April 21, 2012, at Webster Conference Center in Salina.

To obtain materials—Leader Guides or memory cards or lesson curriculum (for Children only)—contact Barbara Spicer at the KNCSB office (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).  For more information or assistance regarding Bible Drill or Speaker Tournament contact Delores Hanneman, KNCSB Bible Drill/Speaker Tournament Coordinator (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).

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